anonymous asked:

hi my friend and are coming to nyu in the fall of 2014!!! we’ve gone to the same high school for all four years and i was wondering if there was maybe a chance we’d be roomed together? or should we request to room together? or is it just a no?? haha thank you so much

q: sadly, you won’t be able to room with your friend—roommates your first year are assigned for you, but that doesn’t mean you necessarily have to lead entirely separate lives! if you two are interested in the same residence halls, you can denote similar rankings on your housing application, and if exploration floors are also something you’re willing to pursue—and i encourage you to do so!—you can apply for the same ones to potentially be placed on the same floor.

also remember that, regardless of how close you two do or don’t live to each other, you can still see each other regularly! you can explore new york or check out various campus events and extracurriculars together, and plus, there are a lot of inter-residence hall events and groups that you can check out, like the FYRE olympics and IRHC.

the most important thing to keep in mind though is that yeah, you’re going to have a great friend with you and a sort of anchor of familiarity coming into a seriously new environment, but you also need to go out on your own and make new friends and explore new things, you know? be independent, and don’t be afraid to come into yourself. i’m not saying to ditch your friend by any means, but don’t tether yourself and your every experience to them, either. find that golden mean, and be sure to give yourself some room to grow! 

boxxxingthestars asked: 

Is washington square park really like a quad? Like how often do students study/ hang out there and are there always a lot of students in the park?

q: it’s not a quad in the sense that it’s not owned by nyu, and while a significant portion of the buildings around it are, there are many that aren’t. it’s also public property, falling under the nyc parks department, so while there are tons of nyu students who frequent it, there are just as many non-nyu individuals there as well.

that said, because of the location, it’s often full of students in addition to everyone else, and you’re likely to find plenty there at any given time. oftentimes when the weather is nice, professors will hold class out there, and a lot of students head out there to read. (i’ve even seen some on laptops from time to time!)

it’s also a great place to meet up with people or hang out—i know it’s something i still do a lot! whether it’s going for a walk and hanging out and talking, or going to lie out during the warmer days, wsp is a hotspot for students, new yorkers, and tourists alike.

to answer your question, then, it’s not a quad in the traditional sense, but it’s very much nyu’s answer to the concept thereof: nyu is very much in and of the city, and it so follows that its take on the quad is too. 

anonymous asked:

Hi! I’ve been recently accepted to NYU. Am I allowed to pick wether I’m in a double, triple, or single?

q: your first year, you won’t be able to choose what kind of room you’re in; instead, a room and roommate will be assigned for you, though you will be able to rank your residence hall preferences. you can also indicate if you’re interested in low-cost housing, which is available in both doubles and triples. to my knowledge, there are very few freshman singles. the only ones i know about are in brittany, and happen if you’re sharing a suite with your RA.

as an upperclassman, however, you’ll be entered into the housing lottery, and will get to pick your building, room, and bed therein at your assigned time.

anonymous asked:

My nyu email address hasn’t come through (I’ve been accepted ed1) but everyone on the Facebook group says theirs came like two weeks ago. Are they usually emailed out to our regular email accounts? And who do you think I should contact about this - and honestly who should I contact about any questions I have, because I figured the admissions office wouldn’t be right now that I’ve been admitted…help!!!

x: They’re usually e-mailed to your regular email accounts, yes. But if it’s not there and you’re concerned, contact ITS. Otherwise, your area admissions counselor will most certainly help you with any questions you have! Please see this page.

anonymous asked:

I was just on Albert today (I’ve recently been admitted) and on my checklist of stuff the admissions office needs to see, it says final high school transcript. Basically, I graduated last year and I’m currently on a gap year, so the transcript my school sent them is my final transcript bc I’ve left school and it showed all my final grades. It also has the name of my school completely wrong; it thinks I attended this other high school which is like down the road from my actual one but yeah, help?

x: Just get in touch with an admissions counselor and it’ll get resolved! You can do so via this page.

anonymous asked:

How do I apply to be a Summer RA? I’m a freshman now, am I eligible?

q: yes, you are eligible! there may be information online at a later date, but get in touch with your RHRM, or residence hall resource manager, let them know you’re interested, and ask if they have any available information. they’ll be able to keep you updated, especially since the dates of the info sessions are wont to vary.

isthatafatjok3 asked:

Is there a way to pick a certain residence hall and even a certain room number if you get accepted ed?

anounymous asked:

If I apply ed to nyu tisch and get in does that mean that I would find out who my roommate is and be able to move in earlier than the regular admission students?

q: nope! if you’re accepted ED, your housing process will be the same as everyone else’s: you’ll have the option of applying to explorations floors, rank your top residence hall choices, and have a room and roommate assigned to you all at the same time. your move-in day will be the same as well, and you’ll pick time slots at the same time as everyone else too.

anonymous asked:

I just want to take a few classes at tisch like screenwriting, acting because I want to minor in screenwriting. Do I still have to create a portfolio for tisch and if so what would it include? Screenplays and videos I’ve made??

q: tisch actually doesn’t have a screenwriting department! instead, it’s home to nyu’s dramatic writing department, which takes a multi-medium approach to dramatic writing, instead of a specific one like screenwriting or playwriting. sadly, they don’t offer a minor, but you can minor in dramatic literature through CAS. for the dramatic lit minor, no portfolio is required.

if you’re more interested in the classes themselves than having an actual minor on your transcript—or even if you minor in dramatic lit and have some space left—i’d suggest checking out tisch’s open arts courses. they’re open to anyone, don’t require a portfolio, and are really fantastic courses! while i was at nyu, i took both an introduction to acting shakespeare and fundamentals of developing the screenplay and had a blast in both. the latter was particularly great, so if you’re interested, i’d definitely suggest checking it out!

anonymous asked:

I’m currently studying in state at Indiana university because I can’t afford nyu’s tuition! I really wanted to take some film classes at tisch so do you think I could study abroad at nyu for a year? instead of an exotic place like Australia, I’d rather be absorbing as much as I can from one of the best film schools!

q: i definitely feel that! you can check out tisch’s special programs for visiting students website for information on studying at tisch for the fall or spring semester, as well as a list of required and elective courses for doing so. they have information on doing a fall, spring, or summer semester at tisch, and i know you’re interested in doing a year, so i’d definitely look into the opportunities listed and potentially reach out to the program director(s) to see if those courses of study can be extended or modified to fit what you’re looking for.

tisch also has a lot of abroad sites in itself where you’ll get an education and coursework that’s the same calibre as at the washington square campus, so you also have the opportunity to, if you want, get the best of both study abroad worlds! since you’re interested in a year, you can always mix and match too if it’s within your means: one semester in nyc and one at one of tisch’s abroad sites.

anonymous asked:

Does mission work in other countries look really good on applications? (i want to major in journalism)

q: it certainly can’t hurt your chances! there are a lot of organizations at nyu that really emphasize service work, and to see that potential for engagement, as well as an active interest in community, is always impressive.

because nyu is very much a global network university, it also places a lot of value in its students being global citizens. you by no means need service work or international travel or international service work to get in, but that kind of interest and engagement in an applicant is well aligned with its interests.